SolRx E-Series

Multidirectional & Expandable Full Body Panels
Models: E720M (Master) & E720A (Add-On)

The E‑Series begins as a simple twin-bulb “Master” (M) device called model E720M‑UVBNB. The Master device is the “brains” of the system. It houses the digital countdown timer, a keyed switchlock to prevent unauthorized use, the main power supply connection, and brackets to mount it to a wall; all shown at the top. Click here for more pictures of the 1M Master device. By itself, this Master device is totally capable of providing effective full-body UVB-Narrowband phototherapy. It uses exactly the same Philips TL100W/01‑FS72 bulbs as found in phototherapy clinic devices and Solarc’s 1000‑Series panels. However, because there are only two (2) 100-watt bulbs, full-body treatment times are longer than devices that have more bulbs. As for those that are not certain about the effectiveness of UVB light therapy, or those on a limited budget, starting with just one E-Series Master device is the perfect option because it is low cost and…

The system is modular, so it can at any time be very easily expanded by connecting one (or more) 2-bulb “Add‑On” (A) devices called model E720A‑UVBNB as shown here. It takes only a few minutes to fasten the bottom of the Master device to the wall, connect the two devices using the built-in hinges on the top and bottom endcaps, and plug the Add-On device’s connection cable into the receptacle on top of the Master device. The Add-On is then fully controlled by the Master. In this picture, one Add-On has been connected to the left side of the Master to create a 2-device, 4-bulb modular assembly we call “1M+1A”, meaning 1 Master plus 1 Add-On. Add-On devices can be installed on either or both sides of the Master. When any number of devices are lying flat on a wall, the center-to-center distance between the bulbs is a geometrically perfect constant 6-1/2 inches. The multi-faceted reflectors make the 1-1/2″ diameter (T12) bulbs look much wider than they really are, confirming effective reflector design. Click here for more pictures of 1M+1A assemblies.

Once two devices are connected, the hinges allow the Add-On device to be swung open and closed just like a door using the handles provided. The devices can be fully open 180° to create a flat panel (as shown in the previous picture), fully closed onto each other for storage, or any angle in between, such as about 120° as shown here. This creates a multidirectional light therapy system with significant performance advantages versus a flat panel type of device, such as Solarc’s own 1000‑Series. Most importantly, because the devices can be individually angled to conform to any human body shape, the assembly is geometrically more efficient at delivering UV-light around the patient, and there is less UV-light spilled out into the room. Click here for our multidirectional versus flat-panel technical analysis.

Up to 4 Add-On devices can be operated from 1 Master device, for a total of 5 devices and ten bulbs (1000 watts); operated from one standard household 120-volt, 15-amp, 3-prong outlet or up to 10 devices for the 230-volt version of the E‑Series. The picture shows such an “1M+4A” (1 Master plus 4 Add-On) assembly, with 2 Add-On devices on each side of the Master. Slippery plastic sliders (or skis) on the bottom and handles on the sides allow the devices to be individually positioned to create any shape needed, from a large flat panel, to folded up onto each other for storage, and countless positions in between!

It is possible to further expand the system by adding a second Master device and more Add-On devices. In this picture, a complete wrap-around oval-shaped “booth” is created by connecting two sets of 5-device 1M+4A assemblies, which together would be called assembly configuration “2M+8A”. A smaller complete booth can also be formed by a 2M+6A assembly, which creates an 8-device octagon. Each Master device requires connection to its own 120-volt, 15-amp, 3-prong circuit; and each timer is operated independently. The E‑Series system’s ability to expand and adjust is unmatched by any product in the world. No other phototherapy device can at any time be expanded from a simple cost effective 2-bulb panel to a complete booth. And since all the arrangements are built-up from relatively small and lightweight 2-bulb devices, the system is able to be safely moved by just one person. There is absolutely nothing else like it!

Note: The E-Series is also available for use with 220 to 240 volt supply power, in which case up to nine (9) Add-On devices can be electrically connected to a single Master device. This allows operation of up to ten devices using a single timer, but for most North American home users it has special electrical requirements. These devices have a “-230V” suffix in their model number, such as E720M-UVBNB-230V.

To firmly connect devices, built-in hinge lugs on the top and bottom endcaps are fastened using the heavy 1/4-inch machine-screws and nylon-insert locknuts supplied with each Add-on device. The device positions can be locked by fully tightening the hinge fasteners.

Slippery hard white plastic slider “skis” on the bottom allow the devices to glide effortlessly over any type of floor, while at the same time preventing the devices from opening more than 180°. The large footprint of the skis minimizes the ground-pressure and any impressions made on a carpet.

Handles on the sides make it very easy to adjust the device positions. The same handles are also of course great for carrying the device. Each device has two handles; one on each side.

The E720 is compact and thin; measuring only 3″ thick by 12-1/2″ wide by 6-feet high. It is built to last yet weighs only 33 pounds (15 kg)! It is by far the most easy to move full-body phototherapy device in the world!

The bulbs are designed as close to the floor as possible to minimize the need for the patient to stand on a platform to treat the feet and lower leg. Not only is this safer, but no floor space would be needed for a stool.

All Solarc devices use genuine Philips UVB-Narrowband /01 311 nm medical bulbs. For E720 models, it’s the popular TL100W/01‑FS72 6-foot, 100-watt bulb. Solarc supplies many of these same UVB-narrowband bulbs to dermatologists and phototherapy clinics. It is the most common 6-foot long UVB-Narrowband bulb in North America.




1M+4A Package


Expandable – Adjustable – Multidirectional

By adding one Add-On device to the original Master device, the number of bulbs doubles to create a compact and efficient 4-bulb “1M+1A” (1 Master plus 1 Add-On) multidirectional system. At the yellow arrow, note that the lower mounting brackets have been deployed to hold the bottom of the Master device to the wall. These brackets prevent the bottom of the Master device from being pulled away from the wall when Add-On devices are being positioned by pulling on the handles.

For storage, the Add-On device in the 1M+1A system can be closed to hide the Master device, but for full 180° closure, the key first needs to be removed from the switchlock. This folded configuration is also a good way to transport two devices together [inset] by simply fastening the hinge lugs together on both sides (at all four corners). This makes for an amazingly transportable 66-lb, 2-device package with great bulb protection. Just don’t drop it.

A particularly elegant setup is this 3-device 1M+2A 6-bulb system, assembled with one Add-On device on each side of the Master. Note that there are two receptacles on top of the Master device, to accept Add-On device connection cables from both sides of the Master, if that is the preferred arrangement. This 6-bulb multidirectional setup can deliver about the same total amount of Narrowband UVB light as a 10-bulb flat panel, as explained in our multidirectional versus flat-panel performance comparison webpage.

Add-On devices can alternatively be installed to just one side of the Master, such as two Add-Ons on the left side of the Master as shown here. Note how the left-most Add-On cable connects to the middle Add-On device, and the middle Add-On cable in turn to the Master device. Outermost devices always have an empty receptacle awaiting future Add-On devices. Click here for more pictures of 1M+2A assemblies.

Connect another Add-on to get this 4-device 1M+3A 8-bulb system. With each device added, the treatment area and ultraviolet light power (irradiance) increases. The system expands so the devices can be individually angled to surround the patient’s body.


Storage of the 1M+3A system is rather nice; with the two outer devices folding over to hide the two middle devices. The folded assembly is just 25 inches wide by about 7 inches thick. The switchlock key must be removed for complete closure. Click here for more images of 1M+3A assemblies


By adding a 4th Add-On device, the maximum number of devices connected to one Master device has been reached. There are no special electrical requirements for this configuration; it uses a common household 120-volt, 15-amp, 3-prong (grounded) outlet. The yellow arrows point to the handles that are used together to position all the devices on their side of the Master.

The two outermost devices in the 1M+4A system can be folded over to reduce the storage width to 38″ wide, best arranged with the Master device in the center as shown. The handles are vertically staggered so that left-side handles do not interfere with right-side handles when they are close to each other. Click here for more pictures of 1M+4A assemblies.

If more than five devices are needed, a second Master device must be added (or alternatively a 230-volt system could be used). In this picture, viewed from the top, a 2M+6A assembly has been created and formed into an 8-device octagonal booth. The same assembly could have also just as easily been formed into an oval shaped booth, to conform to a less round patient body shape. Countless variations are possible. Click here for more pictures of 2M+6A assemblies.

Two more Add-On devices have been added to create this large 10-device, C-shape configuration. Usually the Master devices would be located next to each other, so their timers are more easily operated simultaneously. In very rare cases where more than 10 devices are needed, a third Master device would be required. Click here for more pictures of 2M+8A assemblies.

For scaled drawings of some of the many different assembly configurations, scroll down to the E-Series Technical Data and Assembly Configurations section.

For electrical safety, at the top of the Master device a fused power inlet limits the total number of devices in the assembly to one Master plus four Add-Ons, for a total of 5 devices and 10 bulbs. If more than four (4) Add-On devices are connected, the fuse will blow. 

Naturally, as with any door, a pinch-point gap is unfortunately created between adjacent devices. This gap is at it’s smallest of about 1/4″ wide when the devices are fully opened 180° to form a flat panel. The devices should therefore only be moved by using the handles provided, and hands kept away from the gap.

To minimize the danger that this pinch-point presents, Add-On devices are supplied with four thin-film Gap-Seals that can be installed under the sides of the reflector of adjacent devices; shown partially installed here.

The Gap-Seals are thin and flex when the devices are opened and closed and minimize the chance that someone will close the pinch-point gap onto their fingers. The Gap-Seals should be installed if there are fears that the handles might not always be used to position the devices, if children are around, or to minimize the amount of UV light spilled out into the room.

Control System & Other Components

Master Device Components: At the top of the Master device, a digital countdown timer provides timing control to the second, and has a maximum time setting of 20:00 minutes:seconds. A particularly useful feature of this timer is that it always remembers the last time setting, even if power is removed from the device for a long period of time. This means that you will always have your last treatment time setting for reference. The time is set by simply pressing the up or down arrow keys, and the lights are turned on/off by pressing the START/STOP button. The lights turn off automatically when the timer counts down to 00:00, after which the display resets to the last time setting. The timer’s red display is easily seen through the patient goggles supplied. The timer does not require prescription refills from your physician. The timer’s output relay carries a UL-508 [NEMA-410] ten Amp (10Amp) “Ballast” rating and has been tested by Solarc in a 10-bulb (1000-watt) device for over 30,000 on-off cycles – that’s 2 treatments per day for 41 years. The timer is top quality, UL/ULc certified, and made in the USA. A keyed switchlock is the main power disconnect for the device. By removing and hiding the key, unauthorized use can be prevented. This is an important feature, especially if kids are around because mistaking this medical UVB device for a UVA tanning machine can have serious consequences. Turning the switchlock off disconnects power to the entire device, which saves the energy consumed by the timer when it is in standby mode. The labels are made from Lexan® and will not fade.

On top of the Master device endcap, there are several other important components:
1. The black fused power inlet is the connection point for the detachable power supply cable (3 meters long), and the location of the electrical safety fuse drawer. If more than four (4) Add-On devices are connected to the Master device, the fuse will blow.
2. The two black receptacles are the connection points for the left-side and right-side Add-On devices. Screw-on dust-caps are provided for use when an Add-On device cable is not connected to the receptacle.

3. The two silver coloured upper mounting brackets are permanently connected to the back of the Master device and are simply rotated into position when needed. The hole locations are marked and the supplied drywall anchors and screws fastened. Note that all of the weight of the device is resting on the floor, so these mounting brackets are basically only to keep the unit from falling over. The mounting brackets therefore do not have to be mounted to a wall stud. Add-On devices do not have mounting brackets, but they could be installed if ever needed.
4. The serial number label includes the device model number, serial number, bulb part number, ultraviolet waveband type (such as UVB-Narrowband or UVB-Broadband), and electrical information such as voltage(volts-ac) and current(amps) ratings.

The 3-meter long detachable power supply cord (supplied) simply plugs into the power inlet on the top of the Master device and is routed down the side to a standard household 15-amp, 120 volt, 3-prong (grounded) wall outlet. There are no special electrical requirements.

If Add-On devices are to be connected, the two lower mounting brackets on the Master should be fastened to the wall, typically to the baseboard using the two screws provided. These brackets prevent the bottom of the Master device from being pulled away from the wall when Add-On devices are repositioned.

The lower mounting brackets are permanently attached to the bottom of the Master device and simply rotated into position when needed. The bottom of the Master device has the same white plastic ski as Add-On devices to provide a large footprint in order to prevent damaging carpet, and if the Master is ever used as a moveable device in one of the many larger assembly configurations.

The Master device can also be mounted in a corner, however corner-mounting does not give enough room on the sides for connection of any Add-On devices.

To corner-mount the Master device, easily identified diamond-shaped holes are provided in the sheet metal as shown. Simply mark the hole locations on the wall, screw in the wall inserts, and fasten. Add-On devices also have these holes. This picture is one of the many illustrations provided in the User’s Manual.

The Master device by itself has very substantial UVB output from its two 100-watt bulbs (200 watts total).

On top of the Add-On device, there is no timer or switchlock, but there are several other components:
A. The black connection cable is permanently attached to the Add-On device and connected to the receptacle on top of an adjacent device; which could be either a Master device as in this picture, or an Add-On device.
B. The black receptacle is open and waiting for the connection cable from the next left-side device. The tethered dust-cap is shown installed. The Master device also has an available receptacle. There is always an open receptacle on the two outermost devices.
C. Add-On devices also have a serial number label that includes the device model number, serial number, bulb part number, ultraviolet waveband type, and electrical information such as voltage(volts-ac) and current(amps) ratings.
D. The hinge lugs (ears) are connected using the supplied hinge hardware, which is a simple 1/4″-20 machine-screw and nylon-insert-locknut; one set each for the top and bottom hinges; easily installed in just a few minutes.

This picture shows the fastening of the lower hinge point, and below it the white plastic “skis” resting on the carpet. The device positions can be locked by fully tightening the fasteners.

The hard white plastic “skis” on the bottom of all devices are very slippery and smooth. They allow remarkably easy positioning of the devices.

With the connection of just one Add-On device to a Master, the number of bulbs doubles and a powerful 400-watt multidirectional assembly is created.




1M+4A Package


Performance & UV Wavelengths

The E-Series is most often equipped with medically proven Philips UVB-Narrowband 6-foot long, 100-watt bulbs, part number “TL100W/01‑FS72”. UVB-Narrowband has become the undisputed first choice for initial and ongoing phototherapy treatment for most patients, and is widely used by dermatologists and phototherapy clinics worldwide. Indeed, the vast majority of Solarc devices sold use UVB-Narrowband, but other wavebands can be interchangeably fitted should your treatment protocol ever change. UVB-Narrowband has a very high percentage of its energy around 311 nanometers, ideally placed in the action spectrum for psoriasis and Vitamin D. It is also, of course, very effective for vitiligo and atopic dermatitis (eczema). UVB-Narrowband is also known by its Philips phosphor number /01 and several other names including: TL/01, TL01, TL‑01, UVBNB, NBUVB, NB‑311, etc. For more info about UVB-Narrowband, be sure to read our article: Understanding Narrowband UVB Phototherapy. All of the pictures on the E-Series webpages were taken with real UVB-Narrowband bulbs. Even though the vast majority of the light produced is in the invisible UVB spectrum, there is still a small amount of visible blue light that appears in the photos.

Anodized aluminum reflectors reflect about 90% of incident UVB light and significantly boost the device’s total UVB output. The reflector facets are carefully angled to direct as much light out of the device onto the patient’s skin. These angles were a major consideration in the device design.

This interesting picture shows a tape measure used to locate the camera lens exactly 10 inches from the device. Ten inches is at the mid-range of the recommended treatment distance of 8 to 12 inches, so this is the view that your skin sees. Note how the 1-1/2 inch diameter (T12) bulbs appear to be much wider than they actually are, verifying proper reflector design. More light means shorter treatment times!

The result is a device that looks like it has two very wide bulbs. Efforts to increase the ultraviolet light power are critical, especially if only a 2-bulb Master device is being used.

Another view on the reflector. Note how the “Philips” logo is reflected. The reflectors are mirror-like in appearance.

For more info about UVB-Narrowband, be sure to read our article: Understanding Narrowband UVB Phototherapy.

In case your treatment protocol ever changes, several other 6-foot long phototherapy bulbs can also fit into the E-Series, including the FS72T12‑UVB‑HO (UVB-Broadband) and F72T12‑BL‑HO (PUVA 350 nm peak).

Solarc Systems is Canada’s only Philips authorized original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of medical UV phototherapy equipment. We have sold over 10,000 devices worldwide since our company was founded in 1992.

Handling & Other Features

The handle on the outside of the outermost device is used to move all the devices on that side of the Master device together. The slippery sliders (skis) on the bottom of the devices make this very easy to do.

The left-side handles are mounted at a different height than the right-side handles to prevent interference when the handles are moved close together. In this 1M+2A (1 Master + 2 Add-On) arrangement, the Add-On devices on both sides of the Master have been closed to form a triangle for storage.

The handles are also, of course, useful for carrying devices, in this case, one Master device. The device is not perfectly balanced owing to the vertical staggering of the handles as explained at the previous picture. The weight of a single device is only 33 pounds (15kg).

Devices are shipped one per box. It is possible to cut a hole in the box to access the handle within as shown here. The packaged device weighs only 40 lbs (18kg) and measures 79 x 17 x 7-1/4″, which is slightly under the UPS dimension limit for standard size packages, meaning less shipping cost for you, should you ever need to re-ship the device. Polyethylene (PE) foam pads support the device within the heavy-duty cardboard box. Both the box and foam packaging are suitable for reuse or recycling.

Another good way to move a pair of devices is to fasten them together as shown here. After removing the key from the switchlock, the devices are folded up and the hinge lugs fastened together on both sides (at all four corners) to hold the devices together. For example, if there are 8 devices needing moving, they could be transported as four sets of 2 devices each. This method provides excellent protection for the bulbs.

The two device folded assembly measures about 6 inches thick and weighs 66 pounds (30kg). The Add-On device’s connection cable stores between the two devices. Note: while it is possible for one person to carry the devices as shown in these pictures, always consider getting a second person to help you. It can only makes things easier; for example by opening doors or helping to carry – one person at each end.

Another useful feature are the towel hooks on both sides at the back corners of the device. These built-in sheet metal tabs are simply bent out to create a hook.

Towels can be hung from the towel hooks on the front to either or both sides. UV phototherapy treatments are best taken after a bath or shower; these towel hooks make a great place to dry your towel.

One large towel can be hung to span across and cover the whole device. In this picture, an Add-On device is folded over to hide the Master device, and a towel hung over the back of the Add-On device. Alternatively, the holes in the towel hook tabs could be used to string a cord to hang a curtain.

To ensure long-term durability, the endcap sheet metal is 18-gauge thick (0.048″), which is slightly thicker than a dime. This thickness provides good strength, yet allows the hinge lugs to be bent slightly if necessary for alignment.

The sheet metal components are polyester powder painted to a high quality white finish. Solarc has been using the same painters for over 25 years.

All Solarc devices, including the E-Series, are designed and manufactured in Canada. Assembly, testing, packaging, and sales take place at Solarc’s plant near Barrie, Ontario; about one hour north of Toronto. We’ve been in Barrie since 1992. Call to arrange a visit!

The black wire guard protects the bulbs and is removeable for servicing of the bulbs and reflector. At the yellow arrows, four clips fasten the vertical wires of the guards to the device. The top and bottom of the vertical wires are also held by the flanges of the endcaps.

The internal components are easily accessed by removing 12 screws and the back cover. The device on the right-side is a Master device. The timer and switchlock assembly can be seen at the top. The ballast is closer to the bottom. The device on the left-side is an Add-On device. The black connection cable can be seen hanging from the top. The ballast is about half way from the bottom. All ballasts are of the modern high-frequency electronic type.

A view on the back side of a Master device. The preferred way to carry the device is by grabbing one handle in each hand.

Optional Face-Shield Kits

The Face-Shield is an optional accessory for E-Series Master and Add-On devices. It is used to reduce the amount of ultraviolet light delivered to the patient’s face, The Face-Shield is suggested for patients that:
A) do not need treatment on their face, or
B) in their lifetime have received significant amounts of natural sunlight on their face. The Face-Shield is made from thin ultraviolet-blocking grey-tinted plastic film and is quickly hung in front of the device from the two hooks on the top left and right corners of the upper endcap. The hooks are supplied standard with all Master and Add-On devices, so there are no additional parts to assemble. In this picture, the Face-Shield is shown hanging down to cover the upper 15 inches of the top of a Master device. The lit bulbs can still be seen behind the Face-Shield because, while the Face-Shield film is nearly 100% UV-blocking, it still transmits most of the visible light. Important: The Face-Shield is not a substitute for wearing of the UV-blocking goggles supplied with the device. While the Face-Shield film is nearly 100% UV-blocking, there is still ultraviolet light transmitted to the eyes from around the perimeter of the Face-Shield and from the lower portion of the device.

Note: The Face-Shield is not necessary for effective use of the device. Alternative methods to reduce the amount of UV light to the face are for the patient to:
A) stand on a stool during treatment to elevate the face above the top of the device; or B) use an opaque material to block the face, such as a ski mask; or C) use sunscreen.

The Master device’s Face-Shield (part number: Face-Shield-M) has a large rectangular hole for access to the timer and switchlock.

The Add-On device’s Face-Shield (part number: Face-Shield-A) has only two hanging holes in the top corners.

Face-Shields can be easily cut with scissors to reduce their coverage. Face-Shield shipping is included if ordered at the same time as a device, so we can package the Face-Shield within the device box.

In this picture, the Face-Shield can be seen at the top of the device. Some people may ask: Why not just use a 4-foot high device? The short answer is that 6-foot bulbs (Philips TL100W/01) are 100 watts each, whereas 4-foot bulbs (Philips TL40W/01) are only 40 watts each.

User’s Manual & Treatment Methods

A critically important feature of the SolRx E-Series Expandable Full Body Phototherapy System is its comprehensive User’s Manual. The SolRx User’s Manuals have been relentlessly developed for over 25 years by real home phototherapy users and vetted by a variety of dermatology professionals. The E-Series User’s Manual includes a wealth of information so you can maximize your treatment results. Most importantly, it includes detailed exposure guidelines with treatment times for: psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema). The Exposure Guideline Tables provide a complete treatment protocol based on your skin type, the power of the device(s), and the waveband. The User’s Manual also includes:

  • Warnings about who should not use the device. (phototherapy contraindications)
  • General warnings about UVB phototherapy and equipment safety.
  • Installation considerations including initial setup of the Master device, and connection of Add-On devices.
  • Exposure guidelines including skin type determination, positioning and other tips.
  • Usage guidelines & treatment procedure.
  • Psoriasis long-term maintenance program.
  • Device maintenance, bulb replacement, troubleshooting & electrical schematic.

The value of Solarc User’s Manuals has been recognized by the Ottawa home phototherapy study which stated: “Nurses and dermatologists who do not operate a phototherapy center should be aware of the detailed instructions provided by Solarc Systems. Their [the dermatologist’s] role becomes more one of professional follow-up rather than one of education on the operation of the home unit.” The E-Series User’s Manual is available in English, French, and Spanish. It is printed on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and bound in a 3-hole folder so you can easily photocopy pages if needed. E-Series User’s Manuals also include several years of Solarc’s phototherapy calendar. 

Treatment Positions for a Single E-Series Master Device (1M)

The traditional treatment positions for home phototherapy using a panel is first with the front side of the body facing the device. The position is held until the time expires. Note that the width of the device is about the width of the patient’s torso. The model is 5ft-10in and 190lbs.

Then, the patient turns around, restarts the timer and treats the back side. It is important that the ultraviolet protective goggles always be used. For males, unless affected, it is recommended that both the penis and scrotum be covered using a sock. 

To treat the sides of the body, the patient simply stands sideways. In this picture, the arm is held up to allow the light to better reach the side of the torso, and the hand used to cover the side of the face.

There are many alternative methods. With practice, the patient can develop a custom positioning system to apply light to those areas needing it the most. An important consideration is to avoid significantly overlapping treatment sides, which could result in local overexposure and sunburnning.

Here, the patient is treating the front side, with special emphasis on the elbows, while at the same time blocking the face with the hands.

It is possible to treat only certain areas of the body. For example, in this picture, only the outside of the lower leg is receiving UV light treatment.

To minimize light to the face and/or more fully treat the lower leg, a sturdy stool can be used. All fluorescent bulbs have lower output near the ends of the tubes.

Other areas of the body can be protected by simply wearing clothing. The clothing could be modified by cutting some of it away to expose certain areas.

Treatment Positions for a 3-Device E-Series Assembly Configuration (1M+2A)

Front treatment. Note how the Add-On devices are angled inward to wrap around the body.

Back treatment. The Add-On devices can be very easily repositioned to a different angle if necessary.

Side treatment with the hand blocking light to the face.

Front treatment with the hands blocking Narrowband-UVB light to the face.

Front treatment with the arms spread to better expose the chest.

Standing on a stool to better expose the lower leg, and minimize UVB-NB light to the face.

Frontal exposure while standing on a stool. There are many treatment position possibilities.

Clothing used to block ultraviolet light to the upper torso and concentrated on the legs.




1M+4A Package


Technical Data & Assembly Configurations

Shown below, assembly configurations show some of the many ways that different numbers of E-Series devices can be assembled together and individually positioned to conform to any patient body shape.

The Multidirectional vs Flat-Panel Performance Analysis is a Solarc lab test that compares the light distribution performance of these two different full-body device types on an idealized cylindrical body shape of various diameters. It quantifies the ability of the device types to deliver UVB-Narrowband around the patient’s body, and compares performance to device cost. It shows, for example, that a 3-device (6-bulb) E-Series assembly can deliver as much total UV-light as a Solarc 1000‑Series model 1790UVB‑NB 10-bulb flat panel. Click here for Multidirectional vs Flat-Panel Performance Analysis.

Scope of Supply (What You Get)

The SolRx E-Series 6-foot, 2-bulb Master device (model# E720M‑UVBNB) is supplied with everything that you need to start your treatments. This includes the Master device itself; fully assembled and tested per Solarc Systems’ ISO-13485 quality system and two new Philips TL100W/01‑FS72 UVB-Narrowband bulbs; installed, burned-in, and ready for use.

The Master device also comes with:

  • The E-Series (E720) User’s Manual in your choice of English, French, or Spanish; with detailed exposure guidelines for psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema. It is very important that you read the User’s Manual before operating the device. 
  • One set of ultraviolet protective goggles for use during treatments; with clear plastic storage tube
  • Two keys for the switchlock
  • Detachable Power Supply Cord, 3-meters long (9′-10″)
  • Mounting hardware for the upper mounting brackets: 2 screws and 2 drywall anchors
  • Mounting hardware for the lower mounting brackets: 2 screws
  • Heavy duty reuseable export-grade packaging
  • Home Phototherapy Product Warranty: 4 years on the device; 1 year on the UV bulbs
  • Home Phototherapy Arrival Guarantee: Protects you in the unlikely event the unit arrives damaged
  • Shipping to most locations in Canada

Note: If the Master device is to be connected to other existing devices (for example to make a 2M+6A booth), one extra set of hinge connection hardware and Gap-Seals will be required; available on request.

There is nothing else you need to purchase to begin your treatments. Starting with just the Master device is a great, low cost way to see if home phototherapy will be effective for you. Narrowband-UVB works for most people, and if it works for you, the option is always there to later purchase Add-On devices to reduce your total treatment time. It is a “future-proof” investment in your skin health. There really is is nothing else like it!

The SolRx E-Series 6-foot, 2-bulb Add-On device (model# E720A‑UVBNB) is supplied with everything that you need to expand your E-Series system by one device, including:

  • The Add-On device itself; fully assembled and tested per Solarc Systems’ ISO-13485 quality system
  • Two new Philips TL100W/01‑FS72 UVB-Narrowband bulbs; installed, burned-in, and ready for use

The Add-On device also comes with:

  • Hinge connection hardware: 2 bolts and 2 locknuts (1/4″-20 thread)
  • Four (4) Gap-Seal films; used to cover the gap between devices
  • Heavy duty reuseable export-grade packaging
  • Home Phototherapy Product Warranty: 4 years on the device; 1 year on the UV bulbs
  • Home Phototherapy Arrival Guarantee: Protects you in the unlikely event the unit arrives damaged
  • Shipping to most locations in Canada
  • Note1: Goggles are not included with Add-On devices because goggles were included with the original Master device purchased. If your original goggles are lost or damaged, please request replacement goggles.
  • Note2: A full User’s Manual is not included with Add-On devices because it was included with the original Master device purchased. If your original User’s Manual is lost, please request a replacement.

There is nothing else you need to purchase to connect the Add-On device to your 6-foot E-Series system and begin using the expanded system. Expanding your system improves both the treatment area coverage and nominal light power (irradiance), resulting in shorter total treatment times. The devices can be individually angled to conform to the shape of the patient’s body to further reduce treatment times. There are truly countless configuration options available.

All devices include two (2) new Philips UVB-Narrowband TL100W/01‑FS72 6-foot bulbs. The bulbs are tested in the device, burned in, and ready to use.

A valuable part of the E-Series system is the Solarc User’s Manual and its Exposure Guideline Tables for psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema). It helps you get the most from your UVB home phototherapy system.

Solarc’s Home Phototherapy Product Warranty: is 4 years on the device and 1 year on the UVB bulbs. Our Arrival Guarantee means that in the unlikely event that your unit arrives damaged, Solarc will send the replacement parts at no charge.

Shipping is included to most locations in Canada. Extra charges apply for “beyond points”. The devices are almost always in stock, so you can get your unit quickly and start treatments right away.

Each device is fully assembled and packaged in its own heavy duty cardboard box with eight (8) interior foam bolsters. The packaged device weighs only 40 lbs (18kg) and measures 79 x 17 x 7″, which is slightly under the UPS dimension limit for standard size packages. Removal and setup takes 10 to 20 minutes and can be done by a single person. Both the box and foam packaging are suitable for reuse or recycling.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff of Solarc Systems are available to answer questions in English, French, and Spanish. We are patients too and we are genuinely interested in your success. Many common questions are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions webpage.


The E-Series builds on 25 years of phototherapy equipment design and manufacturing experience to bring you the marketplace’s most versatile and effective full body device ever. The E-Series is the world’s only modular UV light therapy system that can incrementally expand from a low-cost, 2-bulb entry level product, all of the way to a highly efficient and powerful multidirectional wrap-around booth. You can start with just one Master device, establish that the treatment will be effective for you, then purchase Add-On devices anytime in the future. It’s a “futureproof” way to protect your investment. Or, if you simply want the best, start right away with an 1M+4A 5-device (10-bulb) curved assembly, or maybe even a full wrap-around 2M+8A 10-device (20-bulb) booth. The E-Series has countless assembly configurations and they are all portable!

The Key Features of the SolRx E-Series are:

Expandable: At any time, you can add more devices to increase coverage around your body and reduce your total treatment time.

Adjustable & Multidirectional: Device positions can be very easily adjusted to conform to any patient body shape.

Economical: The E-Series Master device by itself is fully capable of providing effective full-body UVB treatment.

Portable: Individual devices are compact and very easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport; by just one person.

Efficient Design: Careful design and multi-faceted reflectors significantly boost UVB-Narrowband output.

Bulbs Close to Floor: Minimizes the need for you to stand on a platform to treat the lower leg.

Interchangeable Wavebands: UVB-Narrowband, UVB-Broadband, and UVA bulbs are interchangeable; in case you ever have to change treatment protocol.

Optional Face Shield: Quickly installs when you want to minimize exposure to your face. Another useful E‑Series innovation.

User’s Manual: Includes exposure guideline tables with actual treatment times. Critically important to the safe and effective use of the device.

Medically Proven: The Ottawa Home Phototherapy Study has proven the effectiveness of Solarc devices.

Solarc’s Home Phototherapy Product Warranty: is 4 years on the device and 1 year on the UVB bulbs. Our Arrival Guarantee means that in the unlikely event that your unit arrives damaged, Solarc will send the replacement parts at no charge.

Free Shipping: To most locations in Canada and the USA. Devices are always in stock, so you can get yours quickly!