SolRx E-Series Complete UVB-Narrowband Systems

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The SolRx E-Series is the world’s only modular UVB-Narrowband full body system. It can be expanded from a low-cost 2-bulb entry level product, all the way up to a highly efficient and powerful multi directional wrap-around cabinet. You can start with just one Master device, establish that the treatment will be effective for you, then purchase Add-On devices anytime in the future. All devices are shipped fully assembled and are US-FDA and Health Canada compliant.

The E-Series Systems listed here operate on a 120-volt, 15-amp, 3-prong grounded power supply outlet, which is common in nearly all homes in North America. Systems are also available for customers with 220 to 240-volt supply power; please contact Solarc for more information.

Before purchasing one of our home phototherapy devices, please ensure you have the required paperwork completed for importation to Mexico. 

To build your own E-Series System, please select the number of devices below. Each device has 2 bulbs.

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An E-Series UVB-Narrowband System begins as a simple twin-bulb “Master” (M) device called model# E720M-UVBNB. The Master device is always the first device needed in any E-Series system, because it contains the main timing controller for itself and all the devices connected to it. By itself, the Master device is the lowest cost full body device in the world and is well proven to provide effective UVB-Narrowband phototherapy, but with only two bulbs, the treatment times are longer than devices with more bulbs. To reduce treatment times, at any time up to four Add-On (A) devices (model# E720A-UVBNB) can be connected to and controlled from the Master device to create a powerful 5-device, 10-bulb multidirectional system. Then, by adding a second Master device, up to ten devices can be connected to form a 20-bulb wrap-around booth, for possible use in a phototherapy clinic. 

An E-Series System is complete with a comprehensive User’s Manual that includes detailed treatment time guidelines, one set of UV protective goggles, two keys for the switchlock, detachable power supply cord, mounting hardware, a 4 year product warranty, a 1 year bulb warranty, an arrival guarantee and free shipping to most locations in Canada and USA; all included in the price. There is nothing else you need to purchase to begin your treatments.

All E-Series 120-volt systems (up to 1 Master plus 4 Add-Ons) operate using a 15 amp, 3-prong grounded power supply outlet, which is standard in most homes in North America.

Note: The E-Series is also available for use with a 220 to 240-volt grounded power supply (model numbers E720M-UVBNB-230V and E720A-UVBNB-230V). With 230-volt systems, up to nine (9) Add-On devices can be connected to a single Master device so one timer can operate the entire system.


If you already own an E-Series Master device, you can purchase E-Series Add-On devices here.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 17 × 7 in
SolRx Device Family

E-Series (Complete Systems)

SolRx Models

E720M-UVBNB (Master) and E720A-UVBNB (Add-On)

Number of Bulbs ►


UVB Narrowband (311 nm peak, Philips /01)

Bulb Part Number

Philips TL100W/01-FS72 (100 watts per bulb)

Electrical Requirements

120-volt, 60Hz, 3-prong grounded power supply (15 amp)

Device Weight

35lbs (16kg)

Device Dimensions

73 x 12.5 x 3 in (185 x 32 x 8 cm)

CPT / HCPCS Procedure Code

E0693: UV light therapy system panel, includes bulbs/lamps, timer, and eye protection; 6 foot panel, E0694: More than one E-Series E720 6-foot Expandable device

Alternative Wavebands

UVA-1, UVA (PUVA), UVB-Broadband, Please contact Solarc for more information