SolRx 1000-Series UVB-Narrowband Full Body Panel

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Convenient, effective, and economical; these are the reasons why thousands of patients have chosen and found relief using the SolRx 1000-Series Full Body Panel for in-home phototherapy, and they are great for small phototherapy clinics as well.

These 6-foot high units are available with either 4,6,8, or 10 Philips UVB-Narrowband bulbs – the exact same bulbs as used by phototherapy clinics worldwide. All of the devices listed here are for use with 120-volt supply power (for 230-volt devices click here).

Before purchasing one of our home phototherapy devices, please ensure you have the required paperwork completed for importation to Mexico. 

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Since 1992, the SolRx 1000-Series Full Body Panel has provided relief for thousands of skin patients worldwide, and in doing so has become the de facto standard for in-home phototherapy of skin disorders. By using the exact same Philips UVB-Narrowband bulbs as large clinical booths, the 1000-Series has proven to be a convenient, effective, and economical alternative to phototherapy in a clinic. With a footprint of only 29″ wide by 3 ½” thick and the ability to be mounted flat up against a wall or in a corner, the 1000-Series takes up an absolute minimum of floor space in your home. They are also suitable for use in a small phototherapy clinic.

All 1000-Series devices are complete with a comprehensive User’s Manual including detailed treatment time guidelines, one set of UV protective goggles, two keys for the switchlock, mounting hardware, a 4 year product warranty, a 1 year bulb warranty, an arrival guarantee, and shipping to most locations in Canada and USA; all included in the price. There is nothing else you need to purchase to begin your treatments. All units are shipped fully assembled and are US-FDA and Health Canada compliant.

All of the 1000-Series devices listed here operate on a 120-volt, 15-amp, 3-prong grounded power supply outlet, which is standard in almost all homes in North America. For international customers with 220 to 240-volt supply power, also available is the 1780UVB-NB-230V; please contact Solarc for more information. 


Click here if you already have a device and need replacement bulbs.

Additional information

Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 33 × 7 in
SolRx Device Family


SolRx Models

1740UVB-NB, 1760UVB-NB, 1780UVB-NB, 1790UVB-NB

Number of Bulbs ►

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UVB Narrowband (311 nm peak, Philips /01)

Bulb Part Number

Philips TL100W/01-FS72 (100 watts per bulb)

Electrical Requirements

120-volt, 60Hz, 3-prong grounded power supply (15 amp)

Device Weight

1740 = 72lbs (32.5kg), 1760 = 78lbs (34.5kg), 1780 = 82lbs (37kg), 1790 = 89lbs (40kg)

Device Dimensions

72 x 29 x 3.5 inches (183 x 74 x 9 cm)

CPT / HCPCS Procedure Code

E0693: UV light therapy system panel, includes bulbs/lamps, timer, and eye protection; 6 foot panel.

Alternative Wavebands

UVA-1, UVA (PUVA), UVB-Broadband, Please contact Solarc for more information

International Voltages

230-volt, 50/60Hz, 3-prong grounded power supply. Available only for the 8 bulb unit, model #1780UVB-NB-230V. Please contact Solarc for more information.


Health Canada Medical Device License #12783, US-FDA 510(k) #K935572