Shipping to Mexico

Solarc Systems Inc. offers two possible shipping methods to Mexico. The two methods are as follows:

  • Door-to-Door Shipping: This shipping method has your Solarc device delivered directly to your door. This is the preferred method of shipping for smaller devices and other smaller accessories as it is cheaper for smaller packages and much more convenience. This option is best for shipping a 100-Series devices, 500-Series devices, UV Goggles or one E-Series device.
  • Airport-to-Airport Shipping: This shipping method has your Solarc device delivered to your nearest international airport where you will then need to retrieve the package and handle any customs paperwork your country may require. This method is significantly cheaper and much less likely to result in shipping damage than door-to-door shipping when purchasing one of our larger phototherapy devices. This option is best for shipping 1000-Series devices, multiple E-Series devices, or replacement phototherapy lamps. 

Note: When placing your order, please note that for the Airport-to-Airport shipping method, a standard shipping cost of $500.00USD will be applied to your order. This shipping cost may change depending on which device you are ordering and which international airport you are having the device delivered to. Solarc Systems will contact you once your order is placed to determine which airport you would like your device shipped to and your total purchase price will be changed to reflect shipping to that airport by either refunding part of the shipping cost or charging more for the shipping cost. If you are unhappy with the new shipping cost, you can cancel your order free of charge. 

Before ordering your Solarc home phototherapy device, please review our Warranty and Arrival Guarantee.