Importing To Mexico

COFEPRIS Importation Permit Information

Importing a SolRx home phototherapy device to Mexico for personal use requires an importation permit from COFEPRIS. Obtaining an importation permit from COFEPRIS is very simple and free. Below is a list of steps to follow to obtain your importation permit. 

  1. Obtain a non-expired medical prescription from your Doctor that indicates his professional Cédula de Identidad number, the patient’s name and the model of the SolRx phototherapy device that you want to import.
  2. Download the COFEPRIS importation permit request form from our Download Center or by clicking here. The form is pre-completed with most of the information you need from Solarc Systems Inc.. You will only need to complete the missing fields with your personal information and the device model you want to import.
  3. Submit the request form to the COFEPRIS office at Calle Oklahoma No. 14, Col. Nápoles, Delegación Benito Juárez, C.P. 03810, Mexico City,  ph: 01 800 033 5050.  

Note: If you live too far from Mexico City you can find the nearest COFEPRIS office in your area using the following link: 

If you have technical questions or need any assistance to complete the form please contact the COFEPRIS office. The COFEPRIS service agents are friendly and can help you answer the technical questions in the form.  The COFEPRIS office can be reached the following ways:

  • in person at Calle Oklahoma 14, Benito Juárez, Nápoles, 03810 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico,
  • by phone at 5080 5200 , citizen assistance: 01 800 033 50 50,
  • by email at . 

The COFEPRIS importation permit is free of charge for personal use and the approval procedure usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.  

Once you have the COFEPRIS importation permit, you can order your SolRx device online from the SolRx Store. We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as Wire Transfers. The devices are usually in stock and ship within 24 hours after the payment is received. The transit time to Mexico is usually between 4 and 7 business days. The customer will need to pickup the device at the nearest international airport and is responsible for the applicable importation and local taxes.

Should you have any questions or you wish to import a SolRx device for professional or commercial use, please contact us at +1 705 739 8279. We will be happy to assist you in Spanish, English or French.